Knowing about the importance of doing certification training!

Due to the increase in competition in various areas such as Project Management, Teaching, Business Analyst, etc. getting the credential is very necessary for a person to stand ahead of others in the competition.

At those times when recruiters hire new employees or analyze their job performance, preference is given …

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EducationEdge • Jun 24 2020

Get the PMP Certification and achieve all your Career Milestones

PMP in the world of project managers stands for Project Management Professional and it is a professional-level certification course offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute). Project managers around the world are adjudged against a common benchmark which is the PMP certification to ensure uniformity of skills and qualifications around …

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EducationEdge • Jun 23 2020

Why you should go in for the PMP Certification

Project Manager is a profession that requires you to carry the team forward with you, lead with example, and take the team forward as a whole. Only a complete professional can maintain harmony within the team, complete the project in time, and ensure that the whole team functions smoothly like …

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EducationEdge • Jun 22 2020

Mistakes made by the new project managers

A successful project manager is not known for a PMP Certification or anything like that. They are always known for their work and had got their market position due to it. But it has to be a quality work so that you can come up with some fine results.

But …

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EducationEdge • Jun 20 2020

Rumors about project management leadership

People know that project managers have their own capabilities through which they are successful in today’s business market. They did not get it through any certification, but by coming out with quality, project works. In other words, a quality project work is the stepping stone to their success path. 

But …

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EducationEdge • Jun 19 2020

What can you get from the ECBA Certification training?

Today every business analyst has a value and is only successful because of their works. If you recommend their names to someone, then he/she will soon hire them and take their best advantages. For this thing, they have to come up with quality projects and their results. 

Nowadays, you will …

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EducationEdge • Jun 18 2020

Pursue your passion for management and business analytics

Project Management Professional, also known as PMP is offered by the internationally recognized PMI (Project Management Institute) and is the leading certification organization for project managers worldwide. The organization regulates the rules, code of conduct, membership, and other professional aspects of project managers all over the world, setting a benchmark …

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EducationEdge • Jun 17 2020

Tips for your ECBA and PMP Certification Exams

Project Management Institute (PMI) is a globally renowned institute that offers certification courses for project managers around the world. The Institute has immense repute when it comes to setting a bar of excellence for all professionals engaged in project management. PMP or Project Management Professional is a professional level certification …

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EducationEdge • Jun 16 2020

Entering the world of Business Analysis and Project Management

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a professional-level course offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute) for project managers around the world. It and is considered one of the best certifications available for project managers. Project managers looking for better career opportunities and higher pay go for this certification so as …

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EducationEdge • Jun 13 2020

Why project managers should have the right leadership skills

In the 21st century, we can see that project managers are the people whom people can easily trust. They have not gained it by appearing for any PMP Exam Prep but by executing successful projects. For this thing, they do not only require technical skills, but leadership skills are also …

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EducationEdge • Jun 12 2020