A distinct overview of PMP prep and examination

The PMP prep is an important element to obtain the project management certification. A qualification evaluation must be conducted accordingly. A Project Management Professional (PMP) must agree with certain other criteria. This study deals with the correct way to perform the PMP examination. Be sure that you know the following things when you first try to break the difficult test.

Overview of PMP examination and exam prep

The PMP certification exam contains 200question(s) for the tests, the expertise and the level of know-how in project management (175 graded and 25 ungraded). In the whole problem paper you will be examined for 4 hours. During the study process there are no expected breaks.

In the study, thoroughly appreciate and understand definitions. The assessment contains up to 200 defined responses, which describe the competencies and awareness of project management principles. There are no breaks just four hours of testing. To order to understand the vocabulary and principles of the study, you can also use other tools apart from the PMBOK Guide.

Create a plan, receive PMP training Toronto and set the date for the test. Set up and keep schedule every day. To achieve goals, reflect on your weakness. A generic research plan covers 1-2 hours a week or 4-6 hours a weekend.

How much time does it take to prepare for the PMP?

The planning must be thorough if you are trying to complete the broad test plan. The study usually takes 4-5 months to answer the questions asked during the experiment if a detailed research strategy is used. You don't need to take professional certification training, whether for project management or business analyst certification. A standardized 35-hour training course is required if the PMP takes place so that you can take the test. Make sure you take the certification training, from a PMI or IIBA authorized training institute. 

EducationEdge • 2019 Oct 25

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