Are Certifications Helpful even for Experienced Professionals?

If you have any connection with the field of either project management or business analysis, you already must be aware of PMI as well as IIBA. These are the best of the institutes which are responsible for regulating Project management and business analyst certification respectively. They give away a varied number of valuable certifications which can be very helpful for the career of the professional. There are some certifications that are specially designed for newcomers in the profession; however, there are some particular certifications that have been crafted especially for boosting the career of highly experienced professio0nals. Let us talk about them in detail!

Business Analyst Certification for highly experienced Professionals:

Talking about one of the best Business Analyst Certification regulated under IIBA, CCBA comes at the top. It can allow even highly experienced professionals to give a boost and grow their career path. Below mentioned are the eligibility criteria which a professional requires to appear for its exam:

·        The professional must have already gained 7 years of work experience before he/she appears for the certification exam.

·        The professional also must have successfully acquired a minimum of 21 hours of professional development within the time period of the last 4 years.

·        The applicants are also required to agree with all the terms and conditions that have been curated by IIBA.

·        They are also required to agree with the code of conduct that is regulated for the CCBA certification.

Project Management Certification for highly Experienced Professionals:

The most advanced of the certification regulated under PMI is the PMP certification. It is globally accepted and is highly valued in the business world. Anyone who wishes to apply for the same must fulfill the below-mentioned criteria:

·        Applicants with highs school diploma must have acquired work experience of 5 years and professional work as a project manager for 7500 hours. However, applicants with a higher education need only 3 years of work experience with 4500 hours of work.

·        The applicants are also required to successfully complete a study course of 35 hours before appearing for the certification exam.

EducationEdge • 2020 Jun 03

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