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A distinct overview of PMP prep and examination

The PMP prep is an important element to obtain the project management certification. A qualification evaluation must be conducted accordingly. A Project Management Professional (PMP) must agree with certain other criteria. This study deals with the correct way to perform the PMP examination. Be sure that you know the following …

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EducationEdge • Oct 25 2019

What is the importance of PMP Exam prep & certification in the current industry?

Due to the growing need for qualified project management across sectors, PMP Exam prep has become important. Qualified owners show high skills, know-how and experience in order to provide the best solutions for a particular project or mission. There are some easy steps you need to follow to get the …

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EducationEdge • Oct 18 2019

Master PMP Certification with a legit examination overview & preparation

PMP Certification has become a prerequisite due to the increasing shortage of qualified project managers across the sectors. The reasons are the large number of talents, knowledge and expertise that the qualifications have exhibited to deliver the best approaches for each plan or mission. Several basic measures are necessary to …

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EducationEdge • Oct 10 2019

What are the fundamentals of CBAP Certification?

CBAP Certification, is offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis, and is amongst the most demanded Business Analysis credentials in current industries. The BA credential is designed for candidates with extensive experience in the field of Business Analysis. The certification helps one to land on better job prospects, witness …

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EducationEdge • Sep 20 2019

Steps to get the maximum out of ECBA Exam prep

ECBA Exam prep has to be extensive and rigorous, if you wish to acquire the prestigious business analysis credential on the first attempt. The entry-level BA certification is offered by the globally renowned International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and has become a necessity due to the increase in demand …

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EducationEdge • Sep 18 2019

Why is ECBA Certification Training important for the credential?

ECBA Certification Training is considered a millennium, for aspiring applicants preparing for the entry-level business analysis credential. The ECBA certification is offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and is designed to test the applicant’s competency level and understanding of Business Analysis concepts and terminology. The certification besides …

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EducationEdge • Sep 07 2019

What makes the PMP exam prep difficult?

Honestly, you need to put in a lot of efforts, while going through the PMP exam prep. You will face difficulties while preparing for your examination, and will not be an easy task. Here are some of the difficulties you may face, which makes the preparation difficult.

1.      Length …

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EducationEdge • Aug 19 2019

Latest PMP Certification examination structure

Project Management Professionals (PMP) is one of the most distinguished qualifications for project managers offered by the PMI. The certification is relevant for people seeking to advance their career by completing the certification exam based on PMI.

The PMP Certification exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions out of which …


EducationEdge • May 17 2019

PMP Certification examination easy guidelines

We can't fix a specific time limit for finishing the PMP course prep for the certification. It shifts for individual to individual dependent on their own involvement in taking care of different constant circumstances in their project management experience just as the measure of time they can devote each day …


EducationEdge • May 17 2019

Why do you need PMP Certification?

PMP is one of the most recognized and highly valued certification in the same field. The certification can’t be cleared just by reading and memorizing the books. You need to have a solid PMP exam prep to obtain the credential.

The certifications have a fair amount of benefits. With the …


EducationEdge • May 17 2019