CBAP and PMP exam preparation approach!

Examination! One of the fears which we all have irrespective of the age group. No matter how much we study before the examination but the time we enter the exam hall we start panicking. The condition would be difficult for aspirants who are currently working but have decided to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

If you are also an aspiring aspirant who has a desire to learn and excel more yet worried about how to give a kick start to the preparation as the practice of studying have been forgotten by you, then keep reading. In this, article we will discuss the major approaches that would help an individual to prepare more effectively for the exam.

CBAP Exam Preparation approach:

·        Get thorough with BABOK Guide; you don’t just have to read the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge guide but also build your knowledge and application.

·        Make a study plan -: as the practice of studying is gone, you first need to bring it back and for the same, you need to make a plan regarding the study hours.

·        Make notes and solve sample papers -: each time you study make the notes, as it will help you in going through all the topics during the last minute of the exam. Moreover, if you keep solving the sample papers or appearing in the mock tests. It will help you in increasing your speed and also, highlight the parts of concept which need more attention.

PMP Exam Preparation approaches:

·        You can take the PMP Training online: Taking the online course would help you in understanding the concepts in a better way, also they will help in getting a grasp over topics.

·        Get hold of PMBOK Guide -: you should read the Project Management Book of Knowledge guide twice or even thrice to get hold of each concept, terminology and fundamental knowledge.

·         Appear in the mock tests -: make a habit of solving papers regularly, in this will you can get the command over the topics more quickly. If you enroll for PMP training online then you get this advantage as they keep class tests and ask to solve sample papers more often.      

EducationEdge • 2020 Jun 06

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