Check your eligibility before you pick the course!

A very common mistake is done by most of the people I.e., not checking the eligibility criteria carefully before applying. We have a rough reading of the points and accordingly take our decisions. As a result when we prepare all the documents and even studied for the exam as well that time we get disqualified. At that moment you criticize yourself for doing such a silly mistake.

So, if the CBAP course  (Certified Business Analyst Professional) or PMP course  (Project Management Professional) is in your top list and you are assembling all the details regarding the same then look no further. We have listed below the very important aspect which would be taken into consideration at the very first moment.

To earn CBAP Certification, you must have:

·        A minimum of 7,500 hours of business analyst work experience in the last 10 years.

·        Moreover, during this period, 3,600 hours should be invested in having experience of 4 out of 6 BABOK guide area.

·        In the last 4 years, you should have completed a minimum of 35 hours of professional development.

·        Passing the exam.

·        Agreeing to the code of conduct.

·        Agree to all terms and conditions.

In the certification of PMP, there are different criteria for degree holders as well as a high school diploma holder. So, we will discuss one after another about the benchmarks of each.

To earn PMP designation as degree holder you need to have:

·        You should hold a four-year degree.

·        Should have three years leading projects done.

·        You should have invested 35 hours in project management training.

·        Agree to code of conduct.

·        Agreeing to all terms and conditions.

·        Finally, passing the examination.

To earn PMP certification as diploma holder:

·        You should have a high school diploma or any global equivalent degree.

·        Here, you should have five years of leading projects done.

·        As above, you need to complete 35 hours of Project management training.

·        Agreeing to all code of conduct.

·        Accepting all terms and conditions.

·        Cracking the paper.

There are only 1 or 2 points which differ in both but as already said in the starting that a single point skipped might cost you way too much. If still you are confused regarding this then you should try to get enrolled in the PMP course that would act as your saviour. 

EducationEdge • 2020 May 26

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