Common mistakes made by the project managers

Project managers are such a person whom everyone can trust and think that they can be valuable for an organization. In order to get this thing, they have to be the best and compete with each and every competitor. Through this thing, people will not only trust them but also give them different market recognition. 

But nowadays a few project managers make a lot of mistakes but never bother to learn from them. You will see that even the faculties of PMP Exam Prep course recommend them to learn from mistakes. The reason is that they are too smart and thinks themselves to be a brilliant performer who cannot learn anything from mistakes.


Being a project manager, if you have this mindset, then you would never become successful. These are some common mistakes made by the project managers, but you have to avoid them in the future.


  • Giving wrong task to a particular person- It is true that everyone has to get an opportunity and prove themselves how capable they are. But if you are giving a wrong task to a fresher, then he/she would never learn and keep making mistakes. Rather than giving them that task, you can teach them how to do it. You will see that the business analysts who are CBAP Certification holders always give right person the right work.
  • Not giving attention to the meetings- The next mistake is a huge one that is by not attending organization meetings. Remember this thing that meetings can give you ideas of project execution and tell you a lot of things. If you take meetings casually and avoid them, then forget to have expectations of success.
  • The objectives are not clear- One of the biggest mistakes is that the objectives are not clear, which always results in project failure. If you have any problems with the objectives, then always approach a top-level manager and get your problem solved. 


These three significant mistakes can easily ruin the career of a project manager. Therefore you should learn from these mistakes and make sure that they are avoided in your day to day activities.


EducationEdge • 2020 Jun 11

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