Different certifications offered by PMI

The project manager is becoming a crowded profession every year. With the continuous growth in the field, becoming a project manager is also becoming very hard. Now there are many project management certifications out there that you can do to increase the chances of getting a project management job.

Some of the common certifications include PMP certification, CMPA certification and many more. 

Best certifications

As mentioned above some of the best and common certifications can boost your professional career and help you to get a job at big organizations. Apart from getting a job, it also helps you to know some of the updated things about project management. Here are some of the best certifications that can help you be a project manager.

PMP (Project Management Professional)

Among all the certifications out there, PMP examination is the most common. Professionals choose this certification and it is known and recognized globally. The numbers of PMP certified individual is increasing and many big and reputed organizations are now hiring PMP certified professionals.

To get PMP certified, you need to pass the exam. The exam is not easy, it is quite difficult but using the PMBOK can help you a lot. As the exam is difficult, you need PMP training to pass in the 1st attempt.

CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)

 If you don’t have enough experience in the project management field and you don't want to give a hard exam. You can choose the CAPM exam for easily passing the initial stage and open the path of other courses.

CAPM is an entry-level exam but, as there is no experience bar in this exam like PMP certification. So you can give this exam with the help of PMBOK and open many other paths of certifications for the future.


There are many other project management certifications out there but these 2 are the best and famous among them. You can choose any certification among these 2 if you are thinking of having a certification. 

EducationEdge • 2020 Jan 30

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