Different organizational structures in the project management

Organizational structure helps to divide the organizations by the position and operations in the project management. Also, the vision and objectives are different in every organization and it also depends on the structure. You can know more about the different structures of the organization while preparing for any project management certification exams, such as CAPM exam prep, PMP exam prep and many more.

There are different options for organizational structures that you can choose for your organization. But once it is done, you can’t change it or adjust it as per your need, you will need to follow the structure.


You need to look at the features of the organizational structure very carefully while choosing between many. Here are some of the common features that you should look for while choosing the right organizational structure.

Simple design, work specialization, the chain of command, the span of control, physical locations, alignment degree, decentralization or centralization, departmentalization, accountability assignment, etc.

You can know many more of the common features to choose, from the PMP training, CMPA training and other exam training of project management. Some of the common features are:

Line Organization  

If you are looking for a simple form of organization structure, then this is the perfect one. Line organization considered to be one of the very simple and mostly small organization or companies use this it. The authority levels are very high in this structure. Power flows through the whole structure and every level of workers. You can learn more about this structure while you are preparing for any project management course, such as PMP exam prep or PgMP exam prep.

The structure offers transparency and good authority level and easily traceable due to simplicity. It is very easy to communicate in this structure because the process of getting feedback and responding is very fast. The line organization structure includes general manager at the top, marketing manager, project manager, finance manager in the middle and foremen and workmen at the last.

Functional Organization

A functional structure is a very common and mostly used structure for organizations. This structure of the workers is built depending on the specialization and area of expertise. The head of this type of organization is the functional manager.

It is his responsibility to lead all the workers and different teams and also managing different business and operations. In the project management training such as PMP training or CAPM training, you can know more about this structure.

Many different types of departments of workers are under this structure. Some of the common departments that are seen under this structure are, on the top President then comes project manager, marketing manager, finance manager, division manager in the middle. In each of these middle departments, there are many sub-departments such as HR, sales, finance, supply chain, customer service and many more.

There might not be any project manager position in this structure if so, you will work as a functional manager or coordinator. You can know different position names of the project manager in the study preparation of project management exams like PMP exam prep or CAPM exam prep. 


You need to know the different business structures in the field of project management to become a successful project manager. 












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