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IIBA and PMI have become two of the best certifying institutes in the field of Business Analysis as well as Project Management. Their certifications are in huge demand in the practical field right now and can help the professionals to boost their career to a great extent. The certifications that are regulated by IIBA are ECBA Certification and the CCBA Certification. Similarly, the best of the certifications regulated by PMI are CAPM and PMP. Former are entry-level certifications; whereas, the latter is the advanced certifications in their respective fields. Let us explore the brief requirements that you need to get either of these certifications.

Who all can gain the IIBA Certifications?

·        ECBA: As ECBA is an entry-level certification, even the applicants without any work experience can apply for the same. However, only those can apply who have gained 21 hours of professional development of the past 4 years to appear for the ECBA certification exam.

·        CCBA: Being one of the most advanced IIBA certifications, along with gaining 21 hours of professional development within the last 4 years, having a minimum of 7 years of work experience is also mandatory to appear for the certification exam of CCBA

Who all can gain the PMI Certifications?

·        CAPM: Just like ECBA, CAPM is an entry-level certification in the field of project management. Applicants who are willing to gain the same must have gained 1500 hours of working as a project manager or must complete 23 hours of official CAPM course.

·        PMP: Professional with a high school willing to gain the PMP certification must gain at least 5 years of work experience along with 7500 hours of working. However, the professionals with higher qualification can apply for the same after only 3 years and 4500 hours of working. Along with that, they are also required to complete a PMP Exam prep of 35 hours to become eligible for the exam.

You can go through the detailed eligibility criteria of the above-mentioned certification from their official websites and go ahead with the one that suits your eligibility and qualification.

EducationEdge • 2020 Jun 29

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