Functions of a business analyst in the field of technology

Today business analysis is an integral part of any business activity through which the success of a project depends. They also motivate their stakeholders so that they invest in the right project without having any loss. In other words, they are the heart and soul of a company without them a project is incomplete.


But nowadays a business analyst plays an essential role in the field of technology to come out with better solutions. For this thing, they apply technical skills that they have learned in the CBAP Exam certification or any other certifications. You might think that what is their role in the technical field as it is fully based on technology.

If you know their functions then you will not have any questions about it. Here are the three functions of business analysts in the field of technology which will give you a fine idea.


  • Illuminate the business plan- To know the exact path a business analyst has to illuminate the business plan technically. They do it by setting up a benchmark and what are the outcomes of a particular project. 
  • Plan day to day activities of development- After the initial business needs are done it is important to make sure that the path of development is alright. During this time seminars of product development where stakeholders are already present work as an effective tool of development. Besides being a role of business analyst in the field of technology this thing is also a part of PMP Exam Prep.
  • Systemizing the process of software development- The most important function of a business analyst in the field of technology is to systemize the software development process. If it is developed then the flow of work will be smooth and there would be no further problems. Make a note of it and mark this function as very important for a business analyst in the field of technology.

 So as business analysts are required in the daily field activities their requirements are also essential in the field of technology. Just go through these three functions and you will realize their importance.


EducationEdge • 2020 May 08

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