How would you file an application for CCBA Certification?

Today we all know that the business analyst certifications have a better market value through which everyone gets recognized. This is the reason why people are leaving a PMP Course and opting for a business analyst certification. Though these certifications are not necessary but people want to opt for it and get a valuable lifetime success.

 After hearing this you might be wondering which business analysis certification can be the best. It is none other than the CCBA Certification which is most valued in the business market today. Try it out and you will get the best job responsibilities which you might not have imagined.

 But before going for this certification you have to know the process of filing an application for it. If you know it then things would be easier for you and there would be no difficulties. Here are the processes of filing an application for the CCBA Certification.


  • Registration- Go to a particular CCBA Certification website and complete the registration process being a member. Besides it there you will get premium membership do not go for it as it can cost you a lot. 
  • Take the help of Professional Development Hours- After registration take the help of professional development hours and know where you are standing. It will determine your study level and your capability whether you can appear for this certification or not.
  • Complete the Login process- Insert your E-Mail id and make your free account on the website by completing the login process. The professional development hours which you have mentioned will be added to your website account. 
  • Give the application fees- Once the login process is done they will ask you for the application fees. You can pay it with card or cash or by any online facilities like Pay tm, Phone pay, etc.
  • Submission process- The final process after everything is done submit your details quickly to avoid any delays. Within a few minutes of submission, you will get a mail which states your notification of CCBA Certification approval.

 So these are the steps that you need to take into consideration when you are applying for this certification.


EducationEdge • 2020 May 05

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