Is it possible for a business analyst to become a project manager?

Everyone is aware of the fact that business analyst is a field where there are scopes of unlimited success. People who opt for it have a secure life and thinks that there is nothing better than this. In other words, you can tell that a business analyst is the only person who is responsible for huge successes.


For achieving success to its height people take up the best business analyst program called the CCBA training. Believe it or not but today it is the best training which gives the latest methods of business analysis. But from a business analyst, everyone wants to become a project manager.


You might have a feeling that it is weird and cannot become possible. It is possible and many business analysts have become successful project managers. Are you still having any doubt on in then here is the truth of it.


  • Opt for a PMP Course- You have heard business analysis certifications but to become a project manager you can opt for a PMP Course. It is the best alternative to business analysis certification and will give you a fine idea of the latest projects. Do not take this course lightly if you want to transform into a successful project manager.
  • Experiences changes in the business- In the day to day business activities we see a lot of changes and it needs to be noticed. If you get adhered to the daily changes and make proper use of it you will get far better opportunities. With those opportunities, you are just a few steps away from becoming a project manager.
  • Know how both the roles are different- People always think that project managers and business analysts have the same job roles. But it is not both of them are different and their works are totally different from each other. So the thing you can do here is to follow the work of a project manager and try to learn something from it. If you are having any problems in understanding their work you can approach them and know their job responsibilities.


So if you follow these things then no one can stop you to become project manager from a business analyst.


EducationEdge • 2020 May 09

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