Know all about the PMP Certification

Project management is a competitive field, one which requires you to prove your capabilities and management skills with every new project with no room for error. In a sea of thousands of project managers, your qualifications are the only thing that distinguishes you from the crowd and can make you stand out. PMP certification is a qualitative improvement to your credibility and an acknowledgment of your skills and knowledge. PMP is a milestone certification for project managers and is a huge boost to the careers of project managers.

Why choose the PMP Certification?

Once a project manager has spent a few years in the field, he/she looks forward to taking their career to greater heights. PMP certification allows project managers to break out of their local areas and work and be recognized on a more global scale.

Check your eligibility for PMP Certification:

Before starting your PMP prep one must check whether you are eligible for the course.

  • Candidates are required to be either holder of a bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma
  • Candidates holding a bachelor’s degree are required to provide proof of 3 years of work experience and 4500 hours as in charge and director of projects.
  • Candidates holding a high school diploma are required to provide proof of 5 years of work experience and 7500 hours as in charge and director of projects.
  • Candidates must have a complete and thorough understanding of the PMBoK (Project Management body of knowledge) with a 35-hour study program necessary to be completed.

Once you are done with your PMP training, you are officially a PMP certified professional who can lead international projects.

Prepare for the PMP Certification:

Follow these steps to facilitate your PMP prep.

  • Make sure that you have a complete and comprehensive understanding of the PMBoK (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
  • Mock tests can further help you understand and check your progress throughout the course and prepare you in the best possible way for your PMP exam.
  • Complete the 35-hour study program and make sure that you are familiar with the basics, fundamentals, and are confident about your knowledge, experience, and skills.

EducationEdge • 2020 Jun 25

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