Mistakes made by the new project managers

A successful project manager is not known for a PMP Certification or anything like that. They are always known for their work and had got their market position due to it. But it has to be a quality work so that you can come up with some fine results.

But nowadays we can see that there are new project managers who make a lot of mistakes. Believe it or not, but these mistakes are unbearable and have to be rectified as soon as possible. If they continue doing it, then no one can help them to become successful.

Here are some mistakes made by the new project managers in today's world. Go through them and try not to repeat them in the future.

1.   Not giving importance to the initiation stage

One of the worst mistakes made by the new project managers is not giving importance to the initiation stage. In other words, they consider themselves to be too overconfident and think that this stage can be easily avoided. No, this is not the right thing; it is the beginning stage where you will know the basic things about a project. If you never give it any importance, then things can be more troublesome and problematic. Therefore, always look out for the initiation stage and try to take the best things from it.

2.      Not giving details to your team leader.

It might happen that you were wrong in executing a project or anything like that. Whatever the matter is, you have to give sufficient details to your team leader. If you skip doing this thing, then never have any high expectations of success. You will see that this mistake is mainly made by those project managers who are the holders of CAPM Course Toronto.

3.      Avoiding risk analysis

Remember this thing that if your projects do not have a risk, then you will not learn anything. There is a risk analysis stage that you should never avoid. In this stage, everyone will tell you how to manage risks and the ways of overcoming them.

Therefore, you are on your way to become a successful project manager. All you can do is to avoid these mistakes and make everything smooth. 

EducationEdge • 2020 Jun 20

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