Phases used in the field of project management

We all know that project management is a field where we get to experience new projects in a different form. It also helps us to know the project’s success opportunities with less time-consuming efforts. In other words, there is no one who did not get success in the field of project management.

 If you see the success graphs of the last four years you will find project management has best success results. They are not only famous in a specific place but people all over the world take its advantage. For this reason, many project managers are opting for PMP Course and searching keys for their success.

 But before going into any further depths we need to know the important phases in the field of project management. Believe it or not, but it will help you in the future and give you success to the fullest. Here are the important phase used in the field of project management.


  • The phase of plan- Without a proper plan there are no chances of a successful project and it will lead to a huge loss. So before starting any project, a proper plan needs to be analyzed so that the strengths and weaknesses can be easily determined. This is the first phase and it is given brief importance in the CAPM Course of project management.
  • Executing- In this phase, various operational activities take place and executed briefly to achieve a particular goal. Every activity involves monitoring, controlling, and coordination so that the goals are easily achieved. Few notable activities in this phase are communication with all the stakeholders, progress analyzing, and making changes in any project. 
  • Terminate- This is the last phase which tells that the project is completed and there are no changes to be made. To get better results make sure that there are no falters in the planning and executing phase. Remember one thing that a single falter can spoil everything and the project will fail badly.

 So these are the three phases of project management that you need to know and utilize them properly. After knowing it you will not have any problems with the day to day activities of a business.

EducationEdge • 2020 May 06

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