Professional certifications for Budding Professionals

For professionals engaged in project management, PMI (Project Management Institute) offers PMP (Project Management Professional) certification course which is a benchmark in the world of project managers. PMP certified project managers are acknowledged around the world as some of the best project managers in the profession and have a significant ability to meet project goals while managing their teams.

Business analysts crunch through enormous amounts of data to find areas that need optimization and figure out ways for the optimization to be realized. Business analyst certification ensures that you are familiar with the concepts of business and data analysis and are capable of taking up one of the most demanding positions in any company as your skills and expertise will determine the business strategies and marketing plans for the present and foreseeable future of the company.

PMP certification for a bright career:

Once a project manager has spent a few years in the field, he/she looks forward to taking their career to greater heights. PMP certification is a qualitative improvement to your credibility and an acknowledgment of your skills and knowledge. The time you have spent as a project manager and all the skills that you have picked up are tested as a part of your PMP course. You are moulded into a leader who can lead difficult and large projects with ease while maintaining the quality and meeting deadlines. Project managers who are worth their salt are all PMP certified which goes on to show the importance of this course.

Get certified in business analysis:

Business analysis is widely accepted as the next big profession with various companies looking to streamline their operations and maximize profit. Analysts can cut down losses by crunching data and finding areas that need improvement and increase their efficiency. Business Analyst is one of the fastest-growing professions with the demand of business analysts going up by the day and IIBA offers some of the highest and most demanded certifications in the world. Your business analyst certification will see you gradually get certified with higher and higher certifications and certifications depending upon your field of work like ECBA, CCBA, CBAP, CBDA, and AAC.

EducationEdge • 2020 Jun 09

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