Rumors about project management leadership

People know that project managers have their own capabilities through which they are successful in today’s business market. They did not get it through any certification, but by coming out with quality, project works. In other words, a quality project work is the stepping stone to their success path. 

But do you know, being a project manager, you have to always be a leader and prove your worth. After doing it, people will rely on you and give you the responsibilities which were beyond your expectation level. But today, there are a few rumors about project management leadership, which are creating numerous problems by becoming people’s mindset.


All you have to do is to avoid them and form your own personal opinion. Today the faculties who teach PMP Course Toronto also tell the budding project managers to avoid these rumors. Here are the rumors about project management leadership, which you have to avoid.


  • Juniors cannot lead a team- This rumor is becoming the mindset of every junior, and for this thing, they always move back from responsibilities. As a result, what happens is that they cannot learn anything and stay in that position for a few years. The fact is that a junior can give their ideas and efficiently lead a team. It is for all the juniors not to listen to this statement and just turn it a deaf ear.
  • Technical skills are important- You will need leadership skills, but that does not mean that they have to be technical. A different type of skill is required to efficiently lead a team so that everything goes smooth. You will see that the business analysts who are ECBA Certification holders do not take this rumor seriously. Therefore being a project manager, you have to just ignore it.
  • Leadership is a valueless thing- One of the worst rumors which can lead to dire consequences after you believe it. If you think that leadership is a valueless thing, then you would never become successful in your future. Take it as one of the essential things and move forward with its flow.


Therefore, these are the three main rumors about project management leadership, which you should never follow.


EducationEdge • 2020 Jun 19

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