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Why project managers should have the right leadership skills

In the 21st century, we can see that project managers are the people whom people can easily trust. They have not gained it by appearing for any PMP Exam Prep but by executing successful projects. For this thing, they do not only require technical skills, but leadership skills are also …

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EducationEdge • Jun 12 2020

Common mistakes made by the project managers

Project managers are such a person whom everyone can trust and think that they can be valuable for an organization. In order to get this thing, they have to be the best and compete with each and every competitor. Through this thing, people will not only trust them but also …

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EducationEdge • Jun 11 2020

Questions people ask about the CBAP Certification

Today business analysts are not only successful, but they also have the best market value. Through this thing, people not only rely on them but recommend their names for bigger projects. They have not gained it through any certification but by coming up with some quality results.

 These results are …

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EducationEdge • Jun 10 2020

Understanding the importance of Project Management Professional training!

Project Management Professional is a credential offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute). There are more than have million certified professionals around the globe. In such a condition have a PMP training can make a much difference if you want to pursue your career in this field. You would have …

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EducationEdge • Jun 08 2020

Prepare for your future in project management!

If you are looking for a career in the field of project management, Project Management Institute (PMI) is your go-to institute. It is an international institute that offers certifications of different levels in project management based on your capabilities and experience. Your qualifications as a project manager affect your future …

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EducationEdge • May 18 2020

Questions that every candidate expect in a business analyst interview

Business analysis is the best field today where everyone gets success and enjoys it in a better way. None of the projects can be successful without the help of a business analyst. If you see the market survey today then they have taken the best market position which is beyond …

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EducationEdge • May 07 2020

Frequently asked questions about ECBA exam

Every business analyst knows that ECBA is the best certification today as it gives everyone a guaranteed success. There are other certifications also but none of them has a better value compared to it. In other words, with an ECBA Exam certification, you will get more attention, and people will …

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EducationEdge • May 01 2020

Must-to-Know Facts about the CAPM Certification

In the world full of competition getting a high-paid job could be hectic as well as time-consuming. Specifically, when someone does not have any prior work experience it will be more difficult. So, to land up an outstanding career option an individual nowadays needs to put more effort besides academic …

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EducationEdge • Apr 27 2020

Explore the Certifications in the field of Business Analysis and Project Management

If you are in the field of Business Analysis or Project Management, you must already be aware of the best certification in respective fields. You must also be aware of the fact that IIBA is one of the most prestigious institutes which regulate the best Business Analyst Certification and the …

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EducationEdge • Apr 24 2020

How to Choose the Best Reference Book for the PMP Exam Prep?

Do you think that check out a suitable reference book is a difficult job? Well, it is quite easy. You need to adopt some convenient methods to find out a reliable book to prepare well for the test.

A right book should provide useful information along with exam format description …

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EducationEdge • Apr 23 2020